About Us

Hey! We're TeaTryCo.

("Tea" as in the tasty beverage and "Try" as in trying out our awesome Indian teas)
We're a mission driven wellness company that exists to help you be your best version possible. We think that you deserve to feel great every moment of the day. We're all about helping you reach your full potential, leading fulfilled lives, and intentionally experimenting so you find that sweet spot that works for you. 

Our Story

We created TeaTryCo. because we were tired of drinking low quality tea sold in the US. Growing up in India, we were exposed to some of the highest quality and most delicious tea that is out there. And drinking tea everyday was our own little way of taking charge of our wellness journey and leading highly energized lives.

When we moved to the US and started working stressful corporate jobs, we longed for the high quality Indian teas that helped us ground ourselves and bring out our best versions every single day. Tea in America just didn't match up mainly because most of the tea being sold was often times more than 12-24 months old (sitting on grocery shelves or warehouses).

With backgrounds in developing innovative business models and helping people live healthier lifestyles, we set out on a mission to source the most flavorful Indian teas from small family run tea estates and bring them to the US within only a few weeks of harvesting. We tried out over 500 varieties of Indian teas and TeaTryCo. was born!


Being Your Best Version Possible

We're big on living your best life possible through everyday healthier choices. We believe that everyone is the sum of their everyday choices and with TeaTryCo. we want to make it easier for you to access high quality delicious Indian teas.

We're strong believers in

Taking ownership of your health goals, being consistent, and having an action bias towards healthier choices.

Being curious, learning and unlearning, and experimenting often to find that sweet spot that works for you.

Obsessively focusing on how food and drink choices make you feel.

Doing good, being good, and making a difference in the lives of those who matter (for us it is our tea partners who matter the most).

Bringing your best self to every aspect of your life - work, family, friends - they all deserve you at your very best.


Awesome Indian Teas Shipped Directly From Source

The tea industry is old (actually very old) with tons of inefficiencies and supply chain issues. The tea you typically drink often goes through several middlemen (auction houses, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers) and then reaches the end consumer only after 12-24 months. Consumers end up drinking stale tea not knowing any better.

TeaTryCo. is changing this archaic business model by:

Developing relationships with smaller family run tea estates

Picking the freshest Indian teas within a few weeks of harvest (we strive for less than two weeks) and storing them in climate controlled facilities

Connecting you to high quality Indian teas available through our proprietary technology

Shipping our awesome Indian teas (packaged at the source) and reaching you within 5-7 days

Putting more money in the hands of our tea partners and their families so they can secure their futures