3 Ways Drinking Green Will 100% Result In Weight Loss (Reason 2 is ­čś▓)

Green Tea

Green Tea

If we ask you to guess the world's second most-consumed drink after water, we don't think you will even take a moment to guess. Yes, it's is a lot of people's favorite Green Tea. Green Tea is available in a lot of flavors, and it has got innumerable health benefits. Green Tea has many medicinal values, which is why we relate it to the nutritional value that it contains and the antioxidants present in it. Also, it is now gaining popularity due to its weight loss factors. Green Tea certainly aids in losing weight too!

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea has become a daily ritual for those trying to lose weight. Weight loss is directly proportional to how good our metabolism is. To quicken the conversion of food and drinks that we consume into usable energy, one should include Green Tea in their diet plan. Green Tea amplifies metabolism and helps in weight loss and contains a unique compound known as catechin, which helps increase the rate of metabolism and helps to lose weight.

Green Teas are available in many varieties, but the least processed ones are preferable as they are nutrient-rich. Green Tea helps you lose weight, but it provides significantly better results when it is paired with proper exercise and an adequate diet that fulfills all the body's needs. Green Tea has low-calorie content, whereas it is rich in nutrients.

3 Key Benefits of Drinking Green Tea For Weight Loss

1) It helps activate the "good" fat

So basically, our body contains two types of fats: White fat and Brown fat. The weight gets stored in our bodies in the form of fat. This fat which contributes to weight gain is "White fat" or "Bad fat." The other type of fat, "Brown fat" or "Good fat" is the one which helps you to lose weight. Good fat is not found in large quantities, but it is metabolically active and helps us burn those calories. In fact, up to a specific limit, Brown fat helps eliminate White fat from the body.

Green Tea contains caffeine, which increases the calorie-burning fat in the body. Green Tea helps activate Good fat in our body, which allows us to shed those extra pounds.

2) It helps shrink fat cells

It is scientifically proven that the shrinkage in fat cells will help you lose weight. So, the compound catechin in Green Tea trips the fat cells to lose the fat contained in them. On this fat release, fat cells shrink, thus resulting in weight loss! 

3) It helps bang belly fat

The most prominent part of catechin in Green Tea, which contributes to Green Tea's weight loss properties, is EGCG. We can also call it a Green Tea powerhouse compound. It is already known that the boost in metabolism and shrinkage of fat cells result from having Green Tea, which aids in losing weight. In addition to this, the tea's catechin also bars the growth of new fat cells.

Regular Green Tea has a fair amount of EGCG. But one should also consider opting for Green Tea with higher amounts of EGCG which would result in significantly higher weight loss results.


The ideal time to consume Green Tea is usually in the morning or in the evening. One or 2 cups of Green Tea in a day is sufficient to supplement the weight loss journey while taking into consideration the different body types and the rate of metabolism. 

Recipe of Green Tea for Weight Loss

The way you brew your tea makes all the difference. So, we have a quick recipe on how to brew the perfect cup of Green Tea. 

  • Take 2 to 2.5g (1 teaspoon) of Green Tea leaves.
  • Take 1 cup of water in a pan, heat it and bring it to a boil.
  • Now remove heat and let the water rest for around 10 minutes.
  • Pour this water over the leaves and brew a bit before straining.
  • Now pour the hot Green Tea into your favorite mug and enjoy it hot.

Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss

The supplement derived from Green Tea Plant is Green Tea Extract. It contains intensive compounds of antioxidants and vitamins of Green Tea. Green Tea extracts have the same amount of possessions as Green Tea leaves, from which they are extracted. Similar to Green Tea, Green Tea Extracts are also a great source of antioxidants. It is rich in caffeine.

Surprisingly, the combination of ingredients in Green Tea Extract contains weight losing properties. Catechins and caffeine also regulate hormones, which in turn helps in weight loss. This process also contributes to Thermogenesis, in which the body burns calories to digest food and induce heat. So Green Tea Extract can aid weight loss by increasing the calorie-burning rate through Thermogenesis.

Best green tea brand for weight loss

You want to get a perfect Green Tea for yourself but concerned about where to get it or the best Green Tea brand for weight loss? Well, the most important factor is choosing the perfect Green Tea is to buy the freshest loose leaf Green Tea leaves. Loose leaf Green Tea leaves have significantly higher amounts of the tea compounds including antioxidants. You want to completely avoid drinking any Green Tea sold in tea bags as the tea sold here is basically "tea dust" and contains significantly lesser nutrients that support weight loss. 


One should definitely consider Green Tea in his/her diet plan to lose some extra pounds. As it is rich in both antioxidants, which help in detoxifying, and nutrients that are beneficial for your overall health. So, Green Tea is an excellent supplement to be considered as part of your health and fitness journey!